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Equine Physiotherapy/Osteopathy

Equestrian sports ask a lot from both horse and rider. The rider needs to take a very unnatural position, since humans are made to walk on their feet. You need to sit relatively still while your horse is moving underneath you, which makes equestrian sports a complete exception compared to other sports such as tennis, football... where you're moving around on your feet. To follow the horse's movements fluently, the rider needs exceptional flexibility, coordination, dynamic postural stability and reaction time

Horses naturally distribute their body weight slightly more on their forehand than their hindquarters, positioning their center of mass (COM) at the lowest point of the back in the saddle region. When a horse needs to carry a rider, the COM shifts back towards the center of the horse. To maintain a healthy musculoskeletal sytem, the horse needs to learn the ability to lower and engage its hindquarters to relieve pressure from the forehand and back, also referred to as “collection” of the horse. High level sports, surgery, accidents... can disrupt the natural balance in the horse's body resulting in pain, discomfort and possibly injuries. 

Physiotherapy/osteopathy aims to preserve, enhance, or restore movement and physical function of the body using manual therapy, exercise therapy, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, laser therapy...  

Amber is a qualified human Sports Physical Therapist (KUL) and Equine Physiotherapist (UGent). She has followed internships and additional training for several years with numerous physiotherapists, veterinarians, equine osteopaths... Additionally, she performs active research in the field of horse and rider biomechanics and competes and trains horses at the highest competitive level. 

This gives Amber a very broad view on horse and rider as a combination. Equestrian is a sport with two athletes and one cannot be observed without involving the other. Amber can help you and your horse to restore the normal function of the body and make a happy athlete of you and your horse.

Call to make an appointment +32 498 82 82 11

For treatment, Amber works at Jorestha Stables in Holsbeek and at the Equine Balance Center in Balen. Amber can also come on site for treatment.


Amber Heidbuchel performing equine physiotherapy
Amber Heidbuchel at world championship
Amber Heidbuchel at competition
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